Zombie Driver HD 1.5

Zombie Driver HD 1.5

In this game, you mow down hordes of zombies with your car
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Software Informer Editor Rating 4

Zombie Driver HD is a great choice for those who like games with explosions, adrenaline, zombies, cars, guns, and a lot of action. Some might say it's pretty much a remake of the classical Carmageddon game, but with guns, zombies, and better visuals of the style of the older GTA games (top down view).

Zombie Driver HD comes with a captivating story mode of more than 30 missions and a lot of other secondary quests and bonus objectives, including exciting boss fights. Besides the story mode, you can also play the “Blood Race” mode that focuses on an arcade racing experience, and the “Slaughter mode” which is based on surviving in different arenas. There are also plenty of upgrades, vehicles, weapons, zombies, and varied content that will keep you entertained for many hours.

There are a lot more differences between the original Zombie Driver and the Zombie Driver HD edition than just the better graphics that contain a lot of cool effects. For example, there are also: a new story mode with about 8 hours of new missions, ingame cutscenes, minimaps, new types of enemies and new vehicles, and more.

The controls are decent, neither too precise nor clunky or annoying. Actually, since the vehicles are really fast and they can do quite a mess when they crash into masses of zombies, the driving is a really nice part of this game. The camera angles are a bit weird though, and some players complained that while the bloom setting is on and high resolutions are selected, the camera perspective can be quite nauseating. Anyway, you can easily tweak these settings and enjoy the game without any issues. In my opinion, a bigger flaw is the lack of a multiplayer mode. That would've made this game truly awesome, as it's already really cool and entertaining.

MS Senior editor
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Review summary


  • Nice visuals
  • Exciting gameplay
  • Reasonable price
  • Free demo available for download
  • Plenty of cars, upgrades, weapons, zombies, etc


  • No multiplayer mode
  • Some camera settings can produce rather nauseating effects on the players
  • Not suitable for kids due to its gory visuals


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